Friday 26 December 2014

New Horizon

Far, far east
Guts, guts at least
Who can say
If we please our needs
One last breath
In an endless shower
One last glimpse
At a senseless hour
True ships, wild sea
New horizon, your worst fears
Come and sail with me

Friday 19 December 2014

The Calmness of the Heart

Talk to me about love
Talk to me about the mere sense of mode
Talk to me about truth
For only what comes from the heart
We can love
Talk to me about forgiveness
Talk to me about patience
Talk to me about understanding
For everyone has his reasons
Love yourself without being loved
Don’t claim to be loved
For only he is loved who has proved himself worthy
Accept that life’s pleasures
Can only develop from pain
And learn to see him as a friend
Don’t place yourself above others
Nor control them
Nor force your opinion upon them
For we are all of the same blood
And no one outranks others
Which post he may ever hold

Talk to me about hatred
Talk to me about oppression
Talk to me about bloodshed
For what is part of your life
Is part of the whole world
Talk to me about weakness
Talk to me about greed
Talk to me about fear
Without being embarrassed
Talk to me about your darkest fantasies
Yet keep to yourself what seems wrong to you
And walk hand in hand with your doubts
Through valleys so desperate
And over heights so bright
And only cease when you have found your answers
Yet never be sure to know the answer
Grasp that you are never lost
However dark it may be in your heart
Learn from those who are poor
For they possess the most

Don’t believe what everyone believes
But what you understand
Don’t be part of a whole
Which is not part of yourself
Dare to dream and to disappoint
Don’t do what is expected from you
But what you don’t even expect from yourself
Listen to people
But don’t admire them
Respect the experience
For it owns an inestimable value
Share your own experience with the unexperienced
Without regulating them
For they only take what they need
Accept the unknown
Without deploring it
For in the eyes of the unknown you are a stranger yourself
Don’t close the door to it
For transformation comes when you doubt the known
Accept our own finitude
Recognise that we are not in possession of the absolute truth
And thus our truth is part of a far greater truth
Delight in the mysteries of life
As life delights in your curiosity
And not settle down
Before your heart comes to fulfilment

Don’t reach out to the one
Who decides to stay on the ground
For he will only debilitate you
Without understanding
Realize that it is on us
To save ourselves
And it is not cruel
To walk on
Yet reach out to the one
Who requires and accepts it
Not for your own sake
But knowing that
He will help you in return
Should it be you who is lying on the ground
Don’t give without taking
No one is a hero
Forgetting himself out of sheer giving
Don’t seek fame
Nor power nor money
For those come as fast
As they go
And poison your mind

Take up the struggle
Even in yourself
And be aware of your capabilities
Don’t be someone you aren't
For a duty
Carried out in whatever noble purpose
Not exploiting your full potential
Is a waste of time in the end
Don’t try to change the world
But change yourself
For this works by far faster and easier
Don’t just criticise the deeds of others
But suggest possibilities
Of doing it better
For the critic principally 
Often misses on principle
That the world doesn’t get better
By simply being against it
Be yourself
For this is what it’s all about in the end

[Fakhreddin Mokhberi]

Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen
Try as you may

 Whatever is destined to happen will happen
Do what you may to prevent it

This is certain

The best course, therefore, is to remain silent

Ramana Maharshi 


You give but little when you give of your possessions

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give

Khalil Gibran

The Fading of a Spell

A friend of mine once used to say
You gotta walk your accurst way

And when the dark enwrapped us all
There was no hope, compelled to fall
There in the inner upset mind
There in the sinner’s poignant bind

There was a sound in deep silence
There was a force that could break diamonds
There was nothingness in the vast
One that counted less, one that never passed

There is a light, there is a spell
There is a mystery, if you could ever tell
There is a morning that never comes
There is a day of a thousand suns

There will be truth in blazing swords
They will judge those vicious lords
There will be day once after all
To those, who aren’t afraid to call

Thursday 18 December 2014


There are some rhymes in the trees of a backyard
They just seem to melt in the light of a shadow
They just seem to disappear in the morning of forever
For where was forgiving in the ever
For where was now may be a never
There's just a path in the fields quite looming
And may the way be of kind consuming
There's just a glance on the waves of silver
A frantic frame in the caves of slow motion
There's just a depth at the front of the ceiling
There's just a cold on the ground of each feeling
There's just a chance not too late to believe in

Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Road Ahead

Life's not standing still
Just because people walk on
You invited to stay
Not everyone deserved
Attention turned to grey
But those who remember
They can make a brighter day
If you walk on as well
You will meet them on the way

Sunday 14 December 2014

Travelling to Colombia

Once there was an amazing spider and that very spider went on a journey to Colombia. But she had never heard of that country before. So she was very scared. She meandered around aimless but confident.

But then she met an earthworm and asked him:
“Dear earthworm! You know the grounds better than everybody else. I am going to Colombia. Have you ever heard of it?”
“I have indeed”, said the earthworm. “They must have very good soils there”.
So the spider was hopeful again. But then suddenly she was filled with doubt and asked:
“How do you know?”
The earthworm replied: “My uncle has a friend who does the grounds there and those are very good grounds. They are very humid and rich so it can only be a good country.”
The spider thanked the earthworm and went on. Then she came to the forest where she met a giant wild boar. The wild boar was very majestic and had a long grey back. At first the spider was a bit frightened to talk to the wild boar but then she commanded all her courage and said:
“You must be one who knows things. I am on a journey to Colombia. Have you ever heard of it?”
The wild boar was a bit surprised and said: “Why do you want to go to Colombia?”
“Because I hope that in Colombia there live the friendliest spiders with beautiful cobwebs who lie in the sun day by day and enjoy the richness of the country.”
The wild boar sighed: “I can tell you something. Plenty of us boars travelled the world. They came to many places even to Colombia but I heard strange rumours going on that they were hunted there and a great deal of them died. I can only speak for us wild boars but you should be aware of it. The distance not always brings peace to us.”
The spider trembled with dismay. She had not thought of that opportunity. She had just dreamed of that marvellous place where everything was fine and thrilling. She immediately thanked the wild boar and went on again with doubt in her heart.

Then she came to a clearing with the dews of the culms reflecting the sun. The spider sat down for a moment without thinking of Colombia. She just enjoyed the sun and the visible variety of life. Now then she decided to spin a great web in the blades. A word and a blow and so she was busily engaged until dusk was approaching. Then she happily stayed in the middle of her web and awaited her casualties. But she had worked the whole day and had missed the wonderful landscape now that it was dark. So she abided there a little bit lost with dark thoughts and waited for things to come. I am sure that it took almost three hours for something to happen. There was a quiet sweeping and toddling and soon there occurred eight little feet and then another eight little feet and another…

They all crowded around the beautiful spider’s web. It was a great convention and everyone eyeballed the lone spider. Then one of them broke the silence and said:
“What are you doing here? I have never seen you before!”
The spider answered: “I am on a journey to Colombia and I just came here because today it was a beautiful clearing but I worked the whole day and now that I’m done I can’t enjoy it.”
One of the big spiders in the round muttered: “Just you stay for some days, will you? Then you will see how beautiful it is here in the daytime. You now have a web and can relax.”
The spider agreed and they talked the whole night about life in this area. By the break of dawn they said goodbye and the spider was alone again. Now she concentrated on the rise of the sun and was amazed by the pure beauty of her rays falling on the wet ground. It came to her mind: 'This really is a place to live!'