Tuesday 18 October 2022

Out of curiosity


So many thoughts drawn in the deep

It is on us, on us to keep

Track of moments

Like a song so sweet

The first surrender

Is the dearest morning

Is a night in fall

The best of all

Don’t keep pretending

You are one of many


Comes in paces

Stays in traces

And remains eternally

Not one river

Flows in vain

But out of curiosity

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Enjoy & Reflect

We can decide what we wanna be

There is no going back

Once you’ve taken the next step

You need to come to realize

Where you want to arrive

Life is that journey

Where time and place

Can be just an illusion

Where you can get lost in confusion

And suddenly it can all be over

So make your plans just in time

Once and for all

Nothing is given

And not all decisions are worth the fall

We are often too self-assured

Too secure we have it all under control

There is sand in our hands

The universe laughs about our plans

Build your castles once and for all

How we like to talk tall

Be sure you can never love too much

But be gone too long

You might start adventures

Though you should know where you belong

Our mind is strong

Until it lets us down all of a sudden

Woe is you, if you’re not ready for that

There’ll be so much to regret

First we’re young and quick

And finally old and sick

It is on us to use the time in between wisely

Humble or more precisely

In anticipation of our biggest challenges

But always smiling and relaxed

Knowing that life is just about that

Enjoying and reflect

Sunday 11 September 2022

Just one click


That comes stumbling

Forward like one


And one song to keep

We redefine

What’s hidden deep

Within our oldest monuments

So tremendous

And so keen

On grasping all

That’s kept unseen

Phenomenal and horrific

The world stands still

With just one click

Saturday 27 August 2022


Radicalization derives from not being heard and exclusion on one side and frustration and deep-rooted convictions on the other side. Radicalization means protest and always has a long history. It is the transition from the role of the victim to the role of the perpetrator.

Thursday 18 August 2022

The balance

Everything in life is in balance. For everything you take, someone else looses. For everything you give, someone else benefits. Even if we don’t specifically take from someone, someone else will loose. That is the universal law of balance. The richer one person gets, the poorer others will get, for becoming really rich doesn’t mean only taking from one person but from many. Else it is not enough to become really rich. 
We can only get out of this circle, if we are aware of this and use the money we earned to give something back. To help out others who don’t have much. If we only intend to become richer and richer we become cruel and heartless and won’t feel real joy anymore. We will feel temporary joy when a business deal worked out or our revenues reached a new peak. But then the feeling of having taken more than ever given back will creep up on us. We can distract ourselves with enjoying the lifestyle we have and stop listening to that voice. We will most probably not see it and tell ourselves: „What a bullshit! I earned that money in an honest way. What is wrong with that? It is mine to keep.“ There is nothing wrong with that. The money was earned with hard work and smart and creative ideas. But still it was taken from others and if we are only keen on accumulating more and more, we haven’t understood the circle of life. 
People had trust in the products somebody sold. What if they didn’t have? If everybody had ignored them? That person might have had a good idea but still would have stayed poor like many others and would instead save their little money to buy products from somebody else who became rich with them and make that person even richer – little by little. Becoming successfull with a product means a huge amount of luck. And when you’re lucky you should be grateful for it and give something back continually. You will still have a good lifestyle and additionally you will feel the joy of having given something to others who need it and you will know you did the right thing. This way you will silence the feeling of having stolen something – the more you will respect the balance in life. And the more you give, the more you will get back in return. Life will reward you. 
There are so many possibilities to give something back - each and every day. And it is not just about money. You can also give back a smile, an advice, listen to somebody, sheer somebody up, and so much more.

Friday 6 May 2022


My life is mostly bittersweet

It comes and goes with every deed

Are we to blame

Or just in need

When the last is gone

We plant our seed

Sunday 1 May 2022

One Planet

Are we going to hell
Are we going to heaven
We have a blast
And count to seven
This is our life
This is salvation
We are one planet
But out of frustration
We nearly extinct
We risk it all
Is the pleasure
Worth the fall
Are we going to hell
Are we going to heaven
We have to be sane
And count to seven

Friday 18 March 2022

Troubled days

Healing rain

We stand in line not to go insane

As the corridors open

Windows are broken

And now who’s to blame


I had a friend

He was gone when the first bombs fell

Are we going to hell

It‘s all the same


We’re here alone

No light shines through the windows

I call it redemption

But out of temptation

I try to restrain


There is a new morning

I hear some talking

Shots in the distance

Our last resistance

It’s all the same

Saturday 12 March 2022

Freedom within

Freedom within
Freedom without
Mutual sin
Can we live with the doubt
A morning of blessings
Some old rotting trees
We could have been wiser
We seem still so blind
A morning of blessings
We need to be kind

Freedom within
Freedom without
We need to reflect
And not live with the doubt