Saturday 25 May 2024

The will

Sometimes the world stands still

But it usually doesn’t go like that

Albeit your will

And the things you need to protect

They reconcile

You with your inner self

We need to listen to ourselves

Our inner voice

Leaves us no choice

The phantoms

Leave the opera by night

And in the morning they are gone

But it is a new day

A new song

I pray

Though I am the master of my own life

It is on me to persevere

To survive

The birds they chatter

It doesn’t matter

They can say what they want

I live my life

I be my best

I invest

What I can

Sometimes the world stands still

But it usually doesn’t go like that

We have our will

Nothing else to expect


Monday 11 March 2024

One nation

 We have to forgive

The grave histories we have

The blood we shed

We have to forgive our enemies

Though it is so hard to take

We have to be awake

We have to be true to ourselves

Follow our hearts

And give love

Instead of hate

It is our fate


We have to see

Where we can help

Be a thorn that doesn’t prick

And our latest trick

Is to stay positive

And don’t give up

To fill the cup


We have to end those wars

That only destroy and harm

We have to send our prayers

And disarm


We have to see each other as one family

This planet is one

We have to fight greed and injustice

Give no one a reason to hurt or kill

Have our own free will


We have to protect our nature

And support the tribes

Who are closest to our lands

The richness of this planet is for everyone


We need a system that is fair

Not be ruled by money and profit

Trade should connect us

And not only be in favour of the rich

No one should be forced to snitch

That is why we have to

Fight poverty and starvation

Be one nation


Friday 9 February 2024


I stand here still

In the stillness of the night

What have we been

Have we been through

I wonder now

Every morning a new day

I am glad you chose to stay

Whispers, softly call

Manifold shapes

A heart of gold

I can be sure 

That we grow old

Just so much

To be learned and told

You shine

You grow

I see the spheres

Of significance

I see the pillars

Of consistency

Ordeals and provocations

Our best aspirations

You shine

You grow

I’m in temptation

And in flow

So long

So long ago

Give me esteem

And I paint a wonderwork

A raging stream

That can be heart

All along through valleys

And over mountains

Hold on tight

You might be trembling

But we make it through each night

We are not forlorn

Nor restless

And I kiss you every day

And tell you that I love you

There is so much to be said

And alas so much 

To remain silent about

In good times

And in times of fraud

The heavens rise

In a burning cloud

Wednesday 13 December 2023

Ever beating heart

Stones in motion
A valley trembling
I see the notion
An ever ending
Has there been rest
It is still pending
When it arrived
I stopped pretending

I take a breath
The sun is shining
The sum of all fears was
My ever lightning
We are just
A lightyear apart
And I feel in my heart
That tomorrow
Brings a new twist
That the old days
No longer endure

I've been there before
This is nothing new
Was there a cure
That we barely knew
The signs they were true
The echos start trembling
The thoughts are assembling
So when we are through
There is a new morning
The ever after
There is wisdom
And there is laughter

So much still hidden
So much we barely know
And what was forbidden
Is now there to show

We have to be patient
A change comes in time
The older they knew
From hard work came grime

I take a breath
The sum of all fears was
A lightyear apart
Now I caress
My ever beating heart

Wednesday 29 November 2023

The fight

 Those are crucial moments 

 When the intensity rises 

 When you don’t know 

 If tomorrow dies 

 Or you rise 


 I can see myself calling for shelter 

 I can see myself greeting the new morning 

 I know we might lose it all 

 Or win this last battle 


 I wish, so siege is the only option 

 Because losing the fight 

 Is not solving the problem 


 I always fantasised about oh so many mornings 

 About oh so many longings 

 You might see me as one of many 

 And we are strong enough to conquer 

 The hearts of the psychopaths 

 The hearts of those old people 


 I am not saying this was foreseen 

 There simply is no other way 

 And to renew this world 

 There is no alternative  

 Than to paint it all in colourful colours 

 To see each and every detail 

 Through the lens of our knowledge 

 Of our wisdom 

 Of our hearts 

 We are far too many  

To lose this fight

Wednesday 13 September 2023

The community

To proceed as humanity and eliminate existing injustices, it is the well-off people’s duty to support the poor and starving. Each with what they can. The destiny of this planet is depending on everybody and it is a fact that somebody who is well-off can contribute much more to saving our planet than somebody who is fighting for survival each and every day. We should have realised this already centuries ago and should have done more for uniting the world and the exchange between the nations instead of exploiting others and waging war on each other and being egoistic. We still haven’t understood this enough – even though we are running out of time. It is still not too late. We need to develop as humans and need to acquire a global community spirit, not striving for more than we can ever consume, being humble and helping people who need help, considering our actions in a global context and thinking of its impact on others. Seeing each other as a community that thrives or perishes together. Not only showing love for the people who are closest to us and being indifferent towards everybody else. On the internet we are connected globally. It is time to connect also in the hearts.


Sunday 14 May 2023

Into the dawn

What I feel

Is that I feel

Somehow pathetic

But when I feel

That I feel

I could regret it

I know I feel

That I feel


I could be


I let it

Be my status quo

My vice

My price

My pride

From my side

I am pleased

To see the light

In my darkest hour

I still write history

In my brightest moment

I change the world

I change my world

Find inner peace

Though my demons

Are well-fed

Hide in my bed

There’s no safety net

No storm without impact

I don’t know yet

Where it takes me

This road is quite heavy

Quite strenuous and vast

My future, my past

My present is here


What I feel

Is that I feel

I make it

When I feel

That I feel

I fake it

I try even harder

To renew it

I sew it

Undo it

I rather be crazy

Then lazy

And might I fear

The unknown

The new

The change

I confiscate my doubts

And walk hand in hand

With my confidence

I rather be crazy

Then being hazy

Though I need stability

I need tranquility

I need to feel safe

And composed

But need bustle

And variety

I rather be

My own hero

Not your saviour

A rebel

Faithful and true to myself


And above all excitement

About the little things

I spread my wings

And fly into the dawn