Wednesday 13 September 2023

The community

To proceed as humanity and eliminate existing injustices, it is the well-off people’s duty to support the poor and starving. Each with what they can. The destiny of this planet is depending on everybody and it is a fact that somebody who is well-off can contribute much more to saving our planet than somebody who is fighting for survival each and every day. We should have realised this already centuries ago and should have done more for uniting the world and the exchange between the nations instead of exploiting others and waging war on each other and being egoistic. We still haven’t understood this enough – even though we are running out of time. It is still not too late. We need to develop as humans and need to acquire a global community spirit, not striving for more than we can ever consume, being humble and helping people who need help, considering our actions in a global context and thinking of its impact on others. Seeing each other as a community that thrives or perishes together. Not only showing love for the people who are closest to us and being indifferent towards everybody else. On the internet we are connected globally. It is time to connect also in the hearts.