Sunday 14 May 2023

Into the dawn

What I feel

Is that I feel

Somehow pathetic

But when I feel

That I feel

I could regret it

I know I feel

That I feel


I could be


I let it

Be my status quo

My vice

My price

My pride

From my side

I am pleased

To see the light

In my darkest hour

I still write history

In my brightest moment

I change the world

I change my world

Find inner peace

Though my demons

Are well-fed

Hide in my bed

There’s no safety net

No storm without impact

I don’t know yet

Where it takes me

This road is quite heavy

Quite strenuous and vast

My future, my past

My present is here


What I feel

Is that I feel

I make it

When I feel

That I feel

I fake it

I try even harder

To renew it

I sew it

Undo it

I rather be crazy

Then lazy

And might I fear

The unknown

The new

The change

I confiscate my doubts

And walk hand in hand

With my confidence

I rather be crazy

Then being hazy

Though I need stability

I need tranquility

I need to feel safe

And composed

But need bustle

And variety

I rather be

My own hero

Not your saviour

A rebel

Faithful and true to myself


And above all excitement

About the little things

I spread my wings

And fly into the dawn

Saturday 6 May 2023


Some things lie deep within

Too far away and out of reach

We might feel bad and exhausted

But still we can take a stand

Sometimes drowning

Words come out like mourning

In the silence of a morning

Sleeping too long

Barely knowing where to belong

Another day gone by


There is so much deep within

The miracles we hold

Or so I was told

Inner richness

No surrender

I grasp my best secrets

And hold them tight

Through the night

And into the light

Been too desperate

When it was time to shine

And had my best moments

When no one expected



There is magic in the worst moments

There is a tomorrow in every sorrow

No lost fight

A future bright

But full of heavy stones

Pain and suffering

Just part of life

We know where we belong

We fancy to be perfect

But break like bones

There is a calm after each storm

There is home


I cannot stand the silence for too long

And then words come pouring down like rain

They could drive you mad or just insane

They come for you in your notorious day dreams

There is a large spider you have to feed

There are days that make you bleed

Make you feel incomplete

Make you tremble and forget

What you most regret

I neglect

But protect

My memories

Nothing matters more

Than being true to yourself

Come what may

Each and every day