Friday 18 March 2022

Troubled days

Healing rain

We stand in line not to go insane

As the corridors open

Windows are broken

And now who’s to blame


I had a friend

He was gone when the first bombs fell

Are we going to hell

It‘s all the same


We’re here alone

No light shines through the windows

I call it redemption

But out of temptation

I try to restrain


There is a new morning

I hear some talking

Shots in the distance

Our last resistance

It’s all the same

Saturday 12 March 2022

Freedom within

Freedom within
Freedom without
Mutual sin
Can we live with the doubt
A morning of blessings
Some old rotting trees
We could have been wiser
We seem still so blind
A morning of blessings
We need to be kind

Freedom within
Freedom without
We need to reflect
And not live with the doubt