Sunday 15 March 2015

The World Outside

Got a ticket to the world outside
But I'm so scared that I'm going blind
In this mess, the city lights
And I can't find my place in this crazy life
In a strange land, a strange time
I left it all behind
All the nights out, summer on my mind
Getting lost in the streets of the cities
Where will I arrive

There's a matter of distance
There's a matter of pain
There are things you can't run for
And things you can't tame
There's a hole in the ocean
There are windows closed
There's a dawning of day
A new world just seconds away
And I don't know how I'd felt like
If you asked me to stay

I'm so tired of the journeys
At the end of the day
Of the miles that I travelled
With this dream on my mind
Of the little moments
The girls I left behind
 When will I arrive