Sunday 14 May 2023

Into the dawn

What I feel

Is that I feel

Somehow pathetic

But when I feel

That I feel

I could regret it

I know I feel

That I feel


I could be


I let it

Be my status quo

My vice

My price

My pride

From my side

I am pleased

To see the light

In my darkest hour

I still write history

In my brightest moment

I change the world

I change my world

Find inner peace

Though my demons

Are well-fed

Hide in my bed

There’s no safety net

No storm without impact

I don’t know yet

Where it takes me

This road is quite heavy

Quite strenuous and vast

My future, my past

My present is here


What I feel

Is that I feel

I make it

When I feel

That I feel

I fake it

I try even harder

To renew it

I sew it

Undo it

I rather be crazy

Then lazy

And might I fear

The unknown

The new

The change

I confiscate my doubts

And walk hand in hand

With my confidence

I rather be crazy

Then being hazy

Though I need stability

I need tranquility

I need to feel safe

And composed

But need bustle

And variety

I rather be

My own hero

Not your saviour

A rebel

Faithful and true to myself


And above all excitement

About the little things

I spread my wings

And fly into the dawn

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