Saturday, 12 December 2020

Tree of life

I woke up early in the morning
Like so often in these days
I thought it was a dream
That kept my mind at peace
But I am here at home
And everything’s alright
You are at my side

I never stopped believing
I’m so grateful in these days
Have we been not in Bearland
I would hide from your face
I would run and never tire
Cause there is too much at stake
Will you be my dear companion
I can see the answer in your eyes
I stay with you, I pay the price
Though I am glad to pay it everyday 
And again a million times
I do not tire looking at your face
I do not tire giving all of me for you
Until there is nothing left 
But the love we share
Because you make me feel home
Because you are my home
The best of me
The tree of life
Where I arrive

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