Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Enjoy & Reflect

We can decide what we wanna be

There is no going back

Once you’ve taken the next step

You need to come to realize

Where you want to arrive

Life is that journey

Where time and place

Can be just an illusion

Where you can get lost in confusion

And suddenly it can all be over

So make your plans just in time

Once and for all

Nothing is given

And not all decisions are worth the fall

We are often too self-assured

Too secure we have it all under control

There is sand in our hands

The universe laughs about our plans

Build your castles once and for all

How we like to talk tall

Be sure you can never love too much

But be gone too long

You might start adventures

Though you should know where you belong

Our mind is strong

Until it lets us down all of a sudden

Woe is you, if you’re not ready for that

There’ll be so much to regret

First we’re young and quick

And finally old and sick

It is on us to use the time in between wisely

Humble or more precisely

In anticipation of our biggest challenges

But always smiling and relaxed

Knowing that life is just about that

Enjoying and reflect

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